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The products below are a set of the special treatment for man and women in facing a various problems. It is not only for problematic man and women but it is also has been practiced by a man and a women who is not having problem in order to avoid theirself getting any problem with their sexual life activities. Like a tree not watering, in the end the tree will die. Let this products be a daily treatments. Prevention is better than cure.

Sensaoil - Be a REAL Man! (Code SO)

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Sensaoil created for a sensation man and also for man who really want to satisfy their couple in term of sex. This oil has been made with a natural herbs recipe and leech (Hirudo Medicinalis). This formula developed after 4 years and now it is proven to people with premature ejaculation problems. It is also for natural penis enlargement and enhancement. Sensaoil has been tested and approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (Ministry of Health Malaysia - Registration No. MAL05092306T. It is also strongly proof that there is no side effect caused. Perhaps, it will give an immediate effect by using it regularly. A Sensaoil market is not only in Malaysia but has been selling to the difference countries and also races like Amerika Syarikat, Jepun, Korea and India. They were really satisfied with the difference after using this oil.

Sensaoil can be use as a daily care penis treatment. Massage onto the penis twice a day with the technique provided inside the sensaoil box. The massage tactic is so easy and simple. Massage the penis gently for 5 minute every session. Massage the penis once in the morning and once in the evening. You are advised not to wash your penis after massaging. Let the sensaoil absorb into your skin through epidermis and blood vessels. The sensaoil specially produce with pure lavender oil - be that simply for the wonderful smell, relax and de-stress. If the sensaoil applied when having sex, it will activate the clitoris, which is to re-act your couple's sex passion. The sensaoil must be use regularly to prevent pre-mature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Beside, the sensaoil also can help a man who wants an idea penis's size. They have to massage their penis with sensaoil frequently within a few weeks to see a progress of the penis enlargement.

Sensa Cream - Solution for MEN! (Code SC)

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Sensa Cream produced based to the combination of the leech extract, ginger, clove flower, black pepper and olive oil. This product has been developed with Butea Superba extract which effectiveness proves to cure impotency and sex problems. With Lavender fragrance, it also contained antiseptic and engrossing aroma. Sensa cream will be more effective if it is used frequently. It will absorb into epidermis and 6666 blood vessels inside the penis. The ingredients contained inside Sensa Cream has been tested and proven effective for blood circulation, to reduce blood coagulation and to enlarge the blood vessel's diameter.
The hormone pheromone contained inside the leech also able to increase a passion of your couple through a smell sense. Sensa cream is a solution for all men especially for those dreaming a large, long and hard penis.

Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion – To Return Your Virgin (Code AVL)

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Another product specifically to bring back women virgin. Ayuzip Intimate Lotion product is invented based to a benefit from manjakani herbs, mas cotek and kacik fatimah. This main ingredients formula with the combination of the leech oil is functioning to produce pheromone. Pheromone able to attract your couple’s passion in having sex, to cure a impotency or refused emotion against your partner and also slow down menopause process. The functions of this product are compacting the vagina beside to disappear smell, bacteria, maintained a pH, fading the indelible and also to maintain the natural colour. Ayuzip Intimate Lotion also able to cure the effect of the skin wrinkle at intimate part and increase a passion of women’s sexual activities. Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion very suitable to be practicing by a teenager who is not married in order to avoid a gynecology problem. Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion is a must for your daily life and to return a glory during your virgin’s era.
To get a satisfied result, you are advised to apply Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion after you clean up your vagina. Make sure to wipe a vagina’s area after cleaning. After that apply one drop of the Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion to vagina lips and clitoris. As same as apply the lotion onto your body. Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion no needs to wash after use. For additional delight during having sex, apply onto vagina before intercourse. Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion to make fragrant of the vagina and also compacted vagina.

Sensa Ring Vibrator – Unlimited Enjoyment! (Code SRV)

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Sensa Ring Vibrator specially created for a perfect relation between husband and wife. Create with a combination of the technology and innovation, it capable to give a wonderful experience and a maximum delight for every couple. With a high quality of the silicon and a long last vibration technology, surely your beloved wife will be satisfied and achieve a fast climax. The love vibration happens on the top of the Sensa Ring Vibrator which is able to activate a women clitoris. Beside that the Sensa Ring Vibrator to promise unbelievable stamina and a maximum erection for a husband. You will be a most lucky couple and satisfy with a sensation of the Sensa Ring Vibrator.

Power-31 – Good in Bed!!! (Code P31)

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Power-31 is originally based on Virgin Coconut Oil. Virgin Coconut Oil produced by way of organic through nature pementation process without using any heat, in order to make sure fat structure / acid patty which rich with "Lauric Oil' not spoilt as specific standard.
Power-31 can give a satisfaction in a husband and wife relationship. Power-31 will make a husband be more strong and long last until a wife can achieve a climax for 3 times. It also refreshing and making a hot sex activity. It is so simple after taking an evening bath (6.00pm~7.00pm) apply Power-31 at penis head’s area especially under the penis head, at 9.00 p.m, you can start making love and it will effective for 10 hours.

Ayuzip Bodylicious (Code AB)

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Do you desired for a slim and attractive body? But, with your diet practice and a tight schedule for excising, are you able to control your body weight. Don’t worry! Ayuzip Bodylicious with a special formula for you in order to solve this problem. Ayuzip Bodylicious riches with vitamin, mineral and HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid). HCA is able to control your appetite, to get away the toxics, increase the fat burning process and through out the unwanted liquid inside your body. How Ayuzip Bodylicious acts?

• Generated an input to your mind for decreasing your appetite. So, your stomach will feel full and not so hungry.
• To stunt the lipogenesis process which it is caused a formation carbohydrate to fat.
• Change a fat to energy. So that you feel more energy and not drawn.

Ayuzip Bodylicious contains a non chemical substance which is can detrimental your health. It is a nature substance product, no side effect at all, stomachache, allergic or diarrhea. You are advised to take a fiber food like fruits and drink a lot of water for smoothing the fat discard process and toxic. A fat people caused by water, you can realise that they defecate more liquid, mucus and coloured black. However a fat people caused by a brim fat, possibly their lost weight process will take some time. The average of losing the weight individually is 500g to 3kg within 1 week. However the results is not same depends to each person.

Vacuum Pump – Get the ideal size!!!!!! (Pump Code)

At this moment, it is out of stock. If you wish to have it, you have to book first with booking fee RM20 by emailing as per below.

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Sensa Vacuum Pump is a special designed tool with pattern number ZL92222341 and serial number 92-226031 for men who are really desired to have an ideal penis. Sensa Vacuum Pump is able to give a maximum power to erection and also capable enough to give an endurable capacity in intercourse. It is not possible that Sensa Vacuum Pump able to cure an erectile dysfunction problem and to proof an ability of a sensation real man. Sensa Vacuum Pump is an alternative for massaging. If you are don’t have a skill in inner feeling of massage or wants something simple and fast, Sensa Vacuum Pump is a right choice. Besides cure an erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems it also proven in help men who are desired to have an ideal penis and maximum strength. Only apply Sensoil and Sensacream onto penis and then pump it by using Sensa Vacuum Pump as frequent as you can. You will IMPRESS with the power of Sensa Vacuum Pump when you penis’s size increased 2 inches in within 2 weeks (Average results from those people who are using Sensa Vacuum Pump)


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En. Abu Bakar, Seremban
We no need to mention about a sensaoil nutrient. When we talk about leech oil, all the men knew about its nutrient. Even, the sensaoil has been through the entire test in the lab and also the testimony shown a positive effect which is we can proud of. Sensaoil also has been approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia (Registration No : MAL05092306T) Otherwise, I will never sell sensaoil if it is not effective. I sell it because I also has been using it. I can feel extraordinary changes especially in my sex relation. We are more happy and blessed. My friends also talked about it and proven the effectives. It is not a invention story.

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Kumar, KL

My wife asked me to marry another one. This is because I make love more often. Because of the true love and loyalty I have no heart to do so. Now, my wife using a Ayuzip Intimate Lotion to stable a relation level and frequency in term of making a sex activity.

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Pn Azizah, Ipoh

I used Ayuzip V- Gin Lotion and there were a lot of positive changes which is I never facing a whiteness problem as like before. The fragrance really refreshing and feeling my virgin’s era. Women who are care about her husband’s happiness will use the Ayuzip V-Gim Lotion into their daily life.

(don’t want to be known), Sepang.

I married with a widow in a year 2005. In terms of sex relation I always failed before my wife finishes her first round. Now, with Power-31 I able to handle her with 3 rounds exchange 1. Until now I have yet not defeated.

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